4 seasonal experiences in Bandai

26 Oct 2018 in Just Relax

Unique ways to embrace the autumn foliage around Mt. Bandai!


Staying at Hoshino Resorts Bandaisan Onsen Hotel this autumn?



Then take your pick from a slew of seasonal activities!

Leaf-hunting bus tour

Let the locals show you the best leaf-peeping spots!


Every day, a free bus leaves the hotel to tour the most colourful areas around Bandai.


Thanks to the staff’s insider knowledge, you’re sure to see the most photogenic forests and mountainsides in town!

Climb Mt. Bandai

At this time of the year, the forests of Mt. Bandai are a flurry of orange, red and gold.


From Hoshino Resorts Bandaisan Onsen Hotel, you can take a shuttle bus to the Happo-dai trailhead and take your pick from a wealth of walks: Oguni-numa pond, Mt. Azuma, Mt. Adatara or Mt. Bandai itself.


Bird’s eye view of Bandai

Just next to the hotel is a heliport. It’s almost a shame not to make the most of it! Fly up to 3500ft and you’ll enjoy panoramic vistas of the local area in full autumnal mode.


From an impressive volcanic crater to the 300 ponds of Urabandai lake area, you can see a lot in an 8-minute heli-cruise!

Dawn Tea Walk

Wake up with the sun! In autumn, the hotel organizes a walking tour beginning in the dark and ending after dawn – the perfect way to get your body in synch with nature.


As you walk, you can admire the morning light rising beyond the Bandai mountains. And at the end, you get to sip a seasonal tea while contemplating the view.



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