4 romantic spots to wow your Valentine

09 Feb 2018 in Just Relax

In Japan for Valentine’s Day? Discover the best places to impress your other half!


Kyoto by boat or steam train

The western district of Arashiyama is Kyoto at its most timeless, enchanting and romantic. Rent a private boat and follow the Katsura river’s meanders into the forested hills of the secluded Hozugawa Canyon.

Hoshino Resorts HOSHINOYA Kyoto hotel boat

Or hop on board the Sagano Romantic Railway and discover the canyon’s natural beauty from the other-worldly charm of a steam train.

Sagano Railway

Sleep: HOSHINOYA Kyoto, where you can see the river from your room.

kyoto restaurant terrace


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Okinawa’s island paradise

Picture yourself with your partner on a secluded beach, walking through soft white sand with warm water gently lapping over your feet!

Okinawa beach

Situated 400 miles from the mainland, the islands of sub-tropical Okinawa are the ultimate romantic getaway.

Dream beach in Japan

Beach restaurant in Japan

And what better shared experience than snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters?

Scuba diving in Okinawa

Sleep: HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island, an idyll where the pace of life slows down.

Okinawa luxury resort

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Tokyo panoramas

If your brand of romance is urban, it’s hard to outdo Tokyo by night from the sky. Sweeping panoramas and dazzling city lights are a sure-fire way to spark romance.

tokyo sakura landscape

Tokyo night wallpaper

The best vantage point?

Atop the 2080-ft high Tokyo Skytree or, for a special occasion, a private helicopter tour over the city.

Illuminated Tokyo tower

Stay: HOSHINOYA Tokyo, where staff can book your charter helicopter.

Hotel in Tokyo

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Star gazing in Hokkaido

Hokkaido has the lowest population density of Japan, with mountains, volcanoes and lakes aplenty.

Dream landscape

Blue lake in Japan

Which means light pollution is low – and star-gazing is mesmerizing. Take your date to Lake Mashu, where observation decks offer exceptional nighttime views. Or admire the stars from the warmth of a hot spring bath.

Outdoor ice bar in Tomamu

Sleep: Hoshino Resorts Tomamu – with its own open-air baths.

Romantic outdoor bar

Champagne bottle in Japan

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