4 reasons to start glamping in Japan

25 Apr 2016 in Have Fun

If camping has always bored you rigid, glamping should make you change your mind! Discover this new lifestyle on your holidays in Japan, blending adventure, freedom and comfort right in front of Mount Fuji.

glamping in luxury and comfort in Japan , with terrace

Invented by the Japanese keen on a particular lifestyle, glamping is a newly-coined word and a contraction of glamour and camping. The idea is to combine the simplicity and the fun side of camping with the refinement of a luxury hotel to enjoy a unique experience right in front of Mount Fuji, at HOSHINOYA Fuji.

Here are 4 good reasons to fully experience glamping in Japan:

1 – Enjoy the pleasures of camping without its downsides. The outdoor life in the fresh air : a breath of nature and pure air combined with the benefits of a luxury hotel. Your “cabin” has a simple design, but provides you with comfort and privacy with a fully-equipped bathroom, comfortable bed, and private terrace, which you can take advantage of each morning to quietly have your breakfast, admiring Mount Fuji with the sense of floating above the forest.

The hotel Hoshino Resorts HOSHINOYA Fuji by night

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2 – Let yourself be lulled by the silence of the forest, sleep like a baby, and wake up as fresh as a daisy, happy to admire bountiful nature which plays the chameleon throughout the seasons. A lush forest in summer, red in autumn, brilliant in spring, with the focal point being Lake Kawaguchi, formed after a volcanic eruption, which leaves you free to go canyoning to stimulate yourself during the day.

A hotel room of the Hoshino Resorts HOSHINOYA Fuji, perfect for glamping

3 – Sample the joys of freedom and chic and relaxed camping, listen to the forest breathing, relax, dream, read a book, have a drink or a meal, chat around the camp fire, take time to completely switch off from everyday life by letting go with the friendliness of meals and moments shared around a large dining table on the shared terrace. A place for meetings, family reunions, and meals with friends.

Luxury camping with Japanese food

4 – Rediscover the pleasures of barbecues which here take on a festive air. The chef pays attention to the local environment and takes care to select the best local produce. Vegetables and meats come from the region and are carefully prepared, with the chef focusing on preserving the flavours of each ingredient to provide maximum taste. Guests can choose to dine outside, in the restaurant or on their terrace with their “private” chef.

Japanese food at glamping at Mount Fuji



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