4 reasons to go to on holiday to Japan with your kids!

26 May 2016 in With Kids

Wouldn’t it be a dream to go on holiday without worrying about entertaining the kids? There is a kind of paradise in Japan where kids are particularly happy and don’t get bored for a second!

Atelier cuisine pour enfants au Japon

Wouldn’t it be a dream to go on holiday without worrying about entertaining the kids? Finding a place where parents and kids can destress, relax, and find their own things to do is no mean feat. Yet in Japan, there is a kind of paradise where kids are especially catered for.

4 reasons to take your kids on holiday to Japan:


1 – You can have a romantic dinner with no stress!
There is an organised childcare service which takes babies from the age of 6 months, providing them with games to occupy them, a cot, and of course a person to monitor them, entertain them, and to give them their meal. What else?

Kids fishing initiation

2 – Introduce them to fishing and seafood
Your children can play at being trainee fishermen, in typical fisherman’s costumes, unravelling the nets before throwing them in the water to catch some beautiful fish which are then prepared by the kids themselves in delicious meals!

In addition of that, staff could also propose to your little darlings a cooking hour about health foods and dietary awareness. The kids will love it!

JApan kid

3 – Let them discover life on the farm
A day spent on a ranch will transform your kids! Happy and amazed to have been able to touch the animals on the farm, to have fed the goats and sheep before going to milk the cows, they will have great stories to tell you on their return.

And for a perfect ending, they can prepare a tea with fresh cream produced on site… They are bound to love the experience.

Kid cooking with chef lesson

4 – Slipping into a chef’s shoes
Dressed in a pastry chef’s costume, with a chef’s hat jammed on their little head, the kids will prepare a seasonal dessert with fruit or chocolate, and then give free rein to their imagination to decorate it.

And since there is nothing better than sharing, they then have the pleasure and pride of offering you their creation to eat with you. An unforgettable moment to share with the family, and maybe the start of a vocation?

All these activities and some others are offered by Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Atami, a magnificent hotel overlooking the ocean which welcomes both parents and children warmly.


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