4 memorable family outings in Izu

31 Oct 2018 in With Kids

Just an hour from Tokyo, the Izu peninsula is a paradise for kids!


Staying at Hoshino Resorts KAI Anjin?

Here’s our pick of the best ways to entertain all the family!

Hoshino Resorts KAI Anjin



All kinds of amusement

Can you find your way out of a floating maze? Dare you zipline 20 ft above ground? Or how about walking on water inside a giant transparent ball?


There’s family fun aplenty at Izu GranPal Amusement Park. At night, illuminations switch on around the park, offering a dream-like end to the day.

Dolphin encounters

At Dolphin Fantasy Ito, you’ll learn how to interact with dolphins, shaking their hands, listening to them sing and maybe even getting a kiss on the cheek!



For the full experience, head out to sea in a wetsuit – and see close-up how they communicate in their natural environment.

Above and below the sea

On the Youmin Fook pleasure boat, you’ll take an ocean trip with a difference. The boat has 3 levels, with glass windows on the bottom floor allowing you to see eye-to-eye with marine life. Alternatively, head up to the top deck to take in sights such as Orange Beach, Mt. Omuro, and local geysers.



Or how about feeding seagulls from the first floor?

Cacti and animals

With around 1,500 types of cactus and 140 species of animal, Izu Shaboten Zoo is a  great place to explore with kids.



Sign up for the cactus hunting workshop to pick your own prickly souvenir. Or take a walk in the large enclosure where squirrel monkeys and great white pelicans roam free.



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Izu Granpal

bvalium / CC BY-SA

Tokutomi Masaki / CC BY-NC

Tokutomi Masaki / CC BY-NC

Kyosuke / CC BY-SA




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