4 kid-friendly experiences in Nikko

13 Jun 2018 in With Kids

Planning a family holiday in Japan? Here’s why Nikko is a great choice with children.


It’s the entrance to one of Japan’s most spectacular national parks and home to the famed Toshogu Shrine. But Nikko also offers plenty for children.

Here are our top 4 tips for kids:

Edo Wonderland

History is hands-on and plenty of fun at this Edo-period theme park.


Dress up as a ninja, a samurai, a princess or a feudal lord – and then step back in time to enter this perfectly-reconstructed Edo-era town.

Activités a faire a Nikko

Reconstitution village ere Edo

Kid-friendly activities include archery workshops, face painting and ninja shows.

Tobu World Square

Take a trip around the world with scale replicas of 102 world-famous buildings.


From Himeji Castle to the Eiffel Tower, each site is immaculately reproduced on a 1:25 scale.



Highlights from Japan include Kyoto’s temples and the iconic Tokyo Skytree.

Kid’s Square (Chibikko Hiroba)

Here’s an adventure playground within easy access of the city – and with picnic opportunities aplenty.

Located in Nikko Athletic Park, Kid’s Square comes with an extra-long roller slide, a net climbing wall, and a tunnel shaped like a dragon egg.

Kids will love it!

Kinugawa River Cruise

Descend the Kinugawa river in a traditional wooden boat!


A few big rocks and splashes add to the fun, but the ride is also about the scenery.


In autumn, the colors are at their photogenic best!



Where to stay?

Hoshino Resorts KAI Nikko, where all the family will be won over by the lakeside setting and open-air hot spring baths.




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