4 family-friendly activities in Atami

18 May 2018 in With Kids

It’s just an hour from Tokyo and makes for a great coastal getaway. Discover our Atami tips!


Known as a thriving geisha city, Atami has plenty to offer families. At Hoshino Resorts KAI Atami, you’ll be treated to a unique geisha show in the evening.



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As for the daytime, take your pick from our tip tips!

Ocean fishing

Try your luck fishing at sea – from an outer seawall in Atami Port.



Depending on the season, you might hook rockfish, horse mackerel or blackfish.


Many local restaurants will cook your catch for you!

Shipwreck diving

Local diving companies can take beginners underwater to admire shoals of colorful cherry bass, chicken grunt and cardinalfish.


Experienced divers can explore the 130-foot long Kosaga cave or swim inside the wreckage of a nearby sunken gravel transport ship.



An island adventure

A half-hour boat ride away, Hatsushima Island houses a kid-friendly treetop adventure park with an adrenaline-pumping 130-foot zipline!



At Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Atami, there is also an extraordinary athletic structure on trees at 9m above ground.

Looking for something calmer? Try one of the many forest walks.

Creative workshops

At Studio Iiro, you can try your hand at glass-blowing with guidance from an expert. Choosing the shape and colour of the glass – and then bring it to life using a kiln and blow-pole!

Other local studios offer workshops in stained glass, silver jewellery and pottery for kids and adults alike.



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Nemo’s great uncle / CC BY-NC-SA



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