3 things to know about “yukata”, the Japanese trendy outfit

13 Oct 2016 in Discover Japan

Perfect your style and immerse yourself in Japanese fashion and history with the Yukata, the favorite summer outfit of the Japanese.


Yukatas are a very popular way of dressing in Japan, especially in summer. There are 3 things you need to know about this traditional garment. 

1 – Taken literally, yukata means “bath garment”.

Yukata bath outfit

This cotton garment was originally used after bathing in a communal bath, functioning as a quick way to cover the body and to absorb remaining moisture. More lightweight than other traditional outfits, they are worn by both men and women throughout the summer.

2 – The yukata is also worn as room clothing.

Yukata indoor outfit

You will find this lightweight and pleasant-to-wear kimono in each room of Hoshino Resorts KAI Nikko. It can be worn in many circumstances during your stay! For example in your room or in the common areas of the hotel, such as the lounge and restaurant. 

3 – Different styles of designs for men or for women

Yukata for men in Japan

While women tend to wear a colourful yukata with floral patterns, men generally choose more minimalist designs, generally without patterns and in black, blue, indigo, green and sometimes brown. The codes dictate that you must cover the right-hand side with the left-hand side and then fasten it with the belt – the obi – by laying it over your belly before looping the ends to the back and then back to the front to tie it. Dressed this way, you will surely feel like a real Japanese!



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