10 unique experiences at HOSHINOYA Kyoto

13 Dec 2019 in In immersion

10 reasons to stay at the luxury riverside ryokan on its 10th anniversary.


In December 2019, HOSHINOYA Kyoto celebrates 10 years of existence. Over the last decade, this luxury ryokan has earned plaudits for its customer experience unlike anywhere else in Japan’s ancient capital.

Here are 10 reasons to stay on the anniversary of its 10th year.

That riverside setting

You’re in Kyoto but you wouldn’t know it. Set by the Oi river and surrounded by the forested foothills of the Arashiyama mountains, HOSHINOYA Kyoto is the perfect place to recharge your batteries after a day of sightseeing.

_0042_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Exrterior 1

_0002_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Floating Tea Room 5

Every room has a river view – and you’ll arrive by river on a traditional wooden boat.

_0045_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Boat Check-in 5

_0048_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Boat Check-in 1

A haven of tranquillity in one of Japan’s busiest cities.


The ryokan is located in the western district of Arashiyama – one of the city’s most intriguing and tourist-friendly neighbourhoods.


Within minutes, you can be walking across the iconic wooden Togetsu-kyo Bridge, regularly featured in historical films.



Visiting the magnificent 14th-century Tenryu-ji temple with its sprawling gardens. Or wandering through the towering stalks of Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.



Michelin approved

Every year since opening, HOSHINOYA Kyoto has been rated as one of the most exemplary ryokans in the local edition of the Michelin Guide.

_0016_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Floating Tearoom 3

_0022_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Dinner 7

The property has consistently been awarded the “5 Pavilions” rating, the highest level available.

Morning meditation with a Buddhist priest

Here’s an experience that will stay with you for a very long time. Seize the moment by rising at the break of dawn and joining a small group at a nearby Buddhist temple for early morning meditation.


Exclusively available to guests, the experience involves energetic chanting followed by calming, silent contemplation. After the ceremony, you’ll sip green tea with the priest and congregation.

Chef Kubota’s cuisine

Award-winning chef Ichiro Kubota is famed for his multi-course kaiseki cuisine.

_0036_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Executive chef (Mr. Kubota) 2

_0037_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Executive chef (Mr. Kubota) 1

Embracing Kyoto’s history as a culinary melting pot, he fuses distinctly Japanese tastes and ingredients with Western techniques learned during his time at Michelin-star restaurants in France and Britain.

_0024_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Dinner 4

_0035_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Dinner 3

The result is a creative twist on Kyoto cuisine that celebrates the changing seasons.

Unique architecture

Built on the site of a 17th-century tycoon’s mansion, HOSHINOYA Kyoto has been designed to reflect the sophistication of its past while embracing contemporary comfort.

_0004_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Exterior 3

Guest pavilions feature restored century-old wood, gold-patterned karakami wallpaper and shoji-paper sliding doors.

_0010_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Guest Room 6

_0007_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Guest Room 9

All with river views and access through the carefully-landscaped Japanese garden.

Admire the seasons from a boat

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, HOSHINOYA Kyoto has built a traditional houseboat from cedar and bamboo. Guests can board the boat for a cruise following the meanders of the Oi river into the Hozugawa Canyon – whose tree-lined hills are a showcase for the changing seasons.



In spring, the slopes are thick with seasonal sakura. In autumn, they’re a festival of maple reds. The boat even has a glass roof so you can take it all in.

Private whisky bar

Japan is now widely regarded as one of the world’s leading producers of quality whisky. The ryokan’s Salon & Bar Kura, open exclusively to guests, is stocked with an astounding range of whiskies, including rare single malts of various ages.

_0029_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Salon _ Bar KURA 1

_0028_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Salon _ Bar KURA 2

Enjoy a glass over a board game or with a selection of gourmet finger food.

Chat with apprentice geisha

Every year, HOSHINOYA Kyoto organizes a Maiko Salon (Feb 4-March 4, 2020) where women guests have a chance to talk face-to-face with apprentice geisha (maiko).

_0000_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Maiko Salon

Kyoto’s famous hanamachi (geisha districts) are largely reserved for male clients – so this is a rare opportunity for women to watch a traditional geisha dance and then chat to the performers. Feel free to ask them any question about geisha culture.

Zen retreat

Relax your mind and revitalize your body with a spa treatment. How about a tailored Shiatsu-style massage from a licenced therapist? Or a deep Japanese-style bath in your room, enhanced by floating lemons?

_0014_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Bathroom

You can even opt for a smartphone-free Digital Detox stay or a 2-day Waterside Relaxation program that promotes wellbeing through spiritual activities, spa treatments and specially-prepared meals.

_0005_Morning Outdoor Stretch. Autumn1

_0026_HOSHINOYA Kyoto Library_Lounge 2



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