The winner of our big contest is now announced!

18 May 2017 in In immersion

Thank you for your numerous participations to this campaign! Discover on this page if you are the lucky winner of an exceptional stay in Japan in two of the most prestigious hotels from Hoshino Resorts. Read more


KAI Atami: a very special experience in a unique ryokan

10 May 2017 in In immersion

How would you like to admire the sunset from an outdoor pool, before enjoying a cocktail prepared with the utmost care? Welcome to Hoshino Resorts KAI Atami! Read more


Rin gongs: the sound of relaxation

05 May 2017 in Discover Japan

Tune in to the sounds of meditation! Discover the rin gong, the Japanese bell that relaxes body and mind. Read more


The secrets of kaiseki cuisine: an interview with Ichiro Kubota

03 May 2017 in Food Culture

Head chef at HOSHINOYA Kyoto, Ichiro Kubota has worked in France and London and is internationally known for his multi-course kaiseki cuisine. He opens up in our exclusive interview. Read more


Kodomo no Hi: flying the flag for children

28 Apr 2017 in With Kids

In Japan, May 5 is all about children! It’s a day when giant fish-shaped flags are flown all over the country. So where are the best places to catch the festivities? Read more


Relax with a drink at the “beach in the sky”

26 Apr 2017 in Just Relax

In the seaside city of Atami, there’s a panoramic 11th-floor café where you can browse books with your feet in the sand! Discover the Sorano Beach Books & Café... Read more





Choose Hokkaido the next time you go to Japan. Its the perfect place for an unusual trip as a family. Change things up, breathe and have fun! 🌞👒⛩✈🕶


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Have you been dreaming of a guide on how to travel to Japan and keep the kids away from you but safe and busy ? We might have the answer youve been looking for. Theres a place that can help you do just that. 🎌👨‍👩‍👧👘🎾 


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With the exclusive Edoya clothes brush, you’ll always have a touch of class! Enter our contest for a chance to win your own clothes brush, hand-crafted by the artisans who once supplied the Shogun family.

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Ready for a face-to-face encounter with a manta ray? Take the plunge in the warm waters of Okinawa and discover the delights of scuba diving in Japan.

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Japan’s fascination with “cuteness” has become a worldwide trend. But what exactly is kawaii? And what are the wackiest ways to be kawaii?

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